Hallmark Holidays

As the Hallmark Channel’s “Countdown to Christmas” begins, I checked out a few to watch during this holiday season.

by Tierney Flavin, Social Media Team

Hallmark movies are famous (infamous) for their predictable plotlines, fate-bound endings and Santa Claus cameos. Leading up to this year’s holiday season, I decided to sit down and watch a few to give my Letterboxd certified opinion.

I started off by browsing Amazon Prime’s Hallmark section, trying to avoid going downstairs to share the TV with my mom. I stumbled upon “A Christmas Detour.” This movie featured Candace Cameron, also known as DJ Tanner from “Full House.” 

I went in with fairly low expectations and was surprised by how much I enjoyed watching it. It’s a story of opposites, destiny and coincidence. Paige, played by Cameron, is a firm believer in soulmates. She is on her way to meet her fiance’s family for an important dinner, two days before Christmas of course. Out of nowhere, a storm leaves her stranded with a pessimistic married couple and a single man, Dylan, who doesn’t believe in love. Through many frustrating cancellations, Paige comes to a tough realization about her destiny. All things considered (bad acting, cheesy plot twist, etc.), I would give this cute comedy four stars!

The next night, I decided to watch one of Hallmark’s new “Countdown to Christmas” movies, “Gingerbread Miracle.” 

This is a story of two old friends, Maya and Alex, trying to sell Alex’s uncle’s old bakery. Legend has it at the bakery that if a cookie is was to be made specially for you, a wish will be granted. Alex had wished upon a cookie in high school: that his crush would like him back. Now, the bad acting and camerawork in this movie was comparably harder to overlook, so I’d have to give “Gingerbread Miracle” three stars!

If you are looking for a light and endearing movie to watch in preparation for this holiday season, I would definitely recommend either of these movies. As long as you are not anticipating a well directed, well performed, critically-acclaimed film with diverse actors, these movies could be the perfect holiday movie for you!