Bon Appetit!

The self-proclaimed crepe connoisseur reviews crepes around Kansas City.


by Caroline Hinkebein, Sports Editor

I want to start this review by saying that I am a self-proclaimed crepe connoisseur, so my expectations going into this were sky high. I’ve always loved crepes but never really ate them often until winter break when I became obsessed and would take my friends to get crepes with me constantly. 

Aixois: Crepe Felix

The first establishment I tried was Aixois, a French restaurant in Brookside. I’ve always known it as a fancy french restaurant — the kind that gives you free bread before your meal — and that they proved to be. They offered a few different sweet and savory crepes to choose from, and I ended up choosing the crepe felix, a strawberry and chocolate crepe. 

After munching down on my complimentary bread and butter, the crepe arrived. The presentation was very pretty however the taste did not live up to my high expectations. The strawberries were very fresh, and the chocolate was very smooth but personally I prefer the taste of classic Nutella better. The crepe was a bit difficult to cut, as the outside was a little stiff, and I would’ve appreciated had they been a little more generous with the whipped cream. 

However, it was a good portion size and the strawberries and chocolate sauce complimented each other very nicely, and for that I give this crepe a 3.5/5 stars. 

Aixois is a French restaurant in Brookside which sells a variety of french cuisine including crepes Jan. 22. This is a strawberry and chocolate crepe. photo by Caroline Hinkebein.

French Market: Classique

My next stop was French Market, a French restaurant and market in The Shops at Prairie Village. Here I got the Classique, a Nutella, marinated strawberry, and sliced banana crepe that made my mouth water. After I rushed to sit down at the last available table in the crowded (but socially distanced) restaurant, I decided to splurge on a vanilla latte to go with my crepe. 

When the crepe arrived, the presentation was basic, but the flavor made up for it soon after. The strawberry, bananas and chocolate worked so well together, and that paired with the perfect mix of the crunchy and chewy crepe exterior is what pushed this one to the top for me. It was easy to eat, tasted really, really good and the coffee surprisingly complimented the crepe well. It is a mix of these attributes that led me to rate this crepe a whole 5/5 stars. 

French Market located in the Village offers a few different crepes for breakfast and lunch including this one, The Classique Jan. 23. This is a Nutella, marinated strawberry and sliced banana crepe. photo by Caroline Hinkebein.

Chez Elle: Paris

My last stop was Chez Elle, the destination closest to my house and my favorite crepe place for a long time. Chez Elle by far has the largest variety of crepes to choose from, with over 25 different crepes to pick from. There’s something for everyone. 

But my favorite is the Paris: a Nutella and banana topped crepe with whipped cream. And let me tell you, they were very generous with the whipped cream. The chewy outside and the fresh banana with the chocolate nutella work so well together and all along I thought this crepe would be my favorite of the bunch. However, as I thought back on the crepes that I had tried over the past three days, I had to be honest with myself and admit that although Chez Elle’s crepe was so close to perfect, perfect it was not. And for that I will have to rate it 4.5/5 stars. 

The Paris Crepe, one of many crepe options at Chez Elle Creperie and Coffeehouse Jan. 24. This is a Nutella and banana filled crepe with whipped cream on top. photo by Caroline Hinkebein.

After my crepes taste test I have come to four conclusions. One, if you’re looking for a decent crepe and free bread to come along with it, Aixois is the place for you. Two, if you’re looking for a place with a large variety of different types of crepes to try, then Chez Elle is most definitely the place for you. Third, my conclusion of this review is that French Market has the best crepes in town in my professional self-proclaimed crepe connoisseur opinion, and you will see me there eating crepes much more often. And lastly, I really could just eat crepes all day, every day and never get tired of it.