Wallows produce new, cheerful sound with EP “Remote”

Wallows, consisting of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston, released their newest EP “Remote” on Friday, Oct. 23. The newest installment showcases the band’s more spirited sides.


by Lily Sage, Opinion Editor

One day a little over a year ago, when I was scrolling through Instagram stories, I came across an ad that had the song “Are You Bored Yet?” playing over a picture of an album titled “Nothing Happens.” I instantly fell in love with the lyrics, beats, sounds and everything else that the song has to offer. I immediately clicked out of Instagram and went to Apple Music to look up this band that I had never heard of before called Wallows. Once I found their page, I listened through the entirety of “Are You Bored Yet?” and I loved it so much I spent the next few hours just listening to every song they ever released. 

The band’s latest release is the six-song EP titled “Remote.” The short album starts off with the optimistic piano-beat of “Virtual Aerobics.” The odd name is what initially made me question this song, but it is definitely one of my top two off the EP. It starts off with what sounds like someone striking a piano chord over and over again until the rest of the beat comes in. It gave me an ominous feeling at first with the unknown of where this song was going.

However, once the song started up, it gave me a sense of happiness and youth; as if listening to this song could put you into the most carefree mood. Although I think it was entirely unintentional, I just love how the first lyric of the album is “Hey there;” they are bringing you into their family and this exemplifies their welcoming attitudes. I see it as a fantastic song to play when you are driving with all the windows down with your friends. 

Next up is “Dig What You Dug,” which is the song that sounds the most “rock”-esque on the EP. It is a very guitar heavy beat along with muffled voices that remind me of a song you would hear at a roller skating rink in the 80s. This personally was not my favorite on the EP, but it displays the band’s more fiery side, which is something I heard a lot of from this collection. 

The fourth song on the EP ,“Coastlines,” is my absolute favorite on the EP. It starts off slow, which made me believe it would be a more melancholy stronghold in an album of mostly hyper and upbeat songs. While it does keep its more gloomy tone throughout the song, it brings in a more exciting beat halfway through. This is a great example of how they kept their fiery spirits alive throughout the entirety of the EP, even on the most somber song. 

Dylan Minnette sings the majority of this track and it’s entirely about being far away from a loved one; being on different “coastlines.” He sings of the difficulty he has being so far from the person he wants to hold close. Minnette is such a passionate performer that I can truly feel his strong emotions portrayed in the song pouring into my ears from my earphones every time I listen to the song. 

The band takes many risks when it comes to writing their lyrics, as well as their music. It’s these exact risks that I believe are the reasons for Wallows’ success and their many devoted fans. The band is not afraid to write what they want and how they want, no matter who dislikes it or who loves it.

When listening to this EP the first time through, I could tell that these songs were different than their older pieces of work. Those first singles and EPs were successful so why would the band change up their sound?  I believe that the members mainly focus on if they like and are proud of the music they are creating rather than what criticism they will receive. So as long as they were happy with the song, they did not care how others would perceive it. As I listen to their beloved songs, I can tell how much love and effort was placed into the making of them.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Remote” as well as the new sound that Wallows has been experimenting with. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes more rock-alternative music. However, to me, nothing will be able to top their older pieces of work that I have so desperately loved this past year.