Star Spotlight: Lauren Chestnut

Freshman Lauren Chestnut plans on creating her own merchandise line of shirts and YouTube account. Chesnut’s merch line, which is based on the word “periodt,” is on Instagram @thatsonperiodt.merch and will tentatively be for sale by the end of February.


Freshman Lauren Chestnut demonstrates her “periodt” hand gesture Feb. 2. Chestnut plans on starting her own merchandise line and YouTube account that showcase her personality. photo by Cara Barone

by Cara Barone, Writer

Why did you start your merch line?

At the beginning of the year — I think it was in my history class or something — after everything I would say, I would always say “periodt” or something after it and it’s just like I did that for a couple weeks. I guess I was just being myself because I just always say that, and some people would be like, “You should make merch out of it because you’re the only person I know that says it like that.” And I’m like, “okay?” So that’s how that started.

How did you get it started?

It wasn’t my idea at first, but then people would be like, “If you made merch out of it, I’d actually buy it.” So I just started asking people to come up with ideas and stuff and it’s like a lot of people [being] like “Wait, I want to help you with this, I want to help you with that,” and that was about three months ago. And I’ve got so many designs, and I’ve just been trying to narrow it down to which one I like, so that’s what I’m doing now.

Do you make the designs?

Not really ー people say they have designs that they like. So they say, “ooh I made a design” and they’ll show it to me and I’ll say, “ooh I like that one” and then keep that one in mind if I wanted to use it [for a] shirt or something.

What kind of items are you going to be making?

I want to start off with shirts and sweatshirts first.

What kind of designs will you have?

There’s one design that I like ー I’m like obsessed with Supreme, and it’s like the Supreme logo, but instead of “Supreme” it says “periodt.”

What’s in the works currently?

It’s a lot of things, like different things… A lot of people will say I’m really funny so they’re like, “you should make a YouTube channel because I would definitely watch it.” And so I’ve been working on creating a YouTube channel right now, and still getting designs in for my shirts and just like seeing how many people actually buy it and stuff like that.

What type of videos do you plan on making on YouTube?

I guess challenges with my friends, or vlogs or something like that, like something I do in a day… Honestly my goal [with it] is just to have fun, and make people laugh.

How do you like to make people laugh?

I can just take any situation and make it into a joke. So like if we’re in class and somebody says something, I can always turn that into a joke… I hate that life can be taken so seriously, so I just always, you know, find a way to insert a joke or make people laugh ー just be myself.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about the merch line and YouTube account you’re creating?

It’s really all like a big joke that I’m taking serious, basically.