Pigwich is a food truck-lovers Heaven

A butchery called the Local Pig operates a food truck called Pigwich on the side of the building in the East Bottoms. The food truck offers amazing sandwiches and burgers with homemade chips, crafted with incredibly fresh ingredients.


The food truck Pigwich sits on the side of The Local Pig butchery on Jan. 8th. The truck serves delicious sandwiches and burgers. photo by Cece Curran

by Cece Curran, Staff Writer

story by Cece Curran

With the rising popularity of food trucks, I want to expose the wonders of Pigwich and the Local Pig to anyone unaware of this mouth watering food. The Local Pig is a butchery that resides in the East Bottoms of Kansas City. Just outside the small building is Pigwich, a food truck run by The Local Pig and home to the most incredible burgers, sandwiches and freshly made chips I have ever tasted. I made my way down to the East Bottoms of Kansas City on a rainy January afternoon.  As a meat lover, this butchery and backyard burger joint had me the moment I saw the multiple variations of bacon.

Rumored to be one of their best sandwiches, I was compelled to try the Banh Mi. I waited for about 10 minutes on a gravel patio with picnic tables and then approached the window as my order was called. I opened the box and instantly breathed in the smell of the fresh cilantro and Italian meatballs. My first bite was incredible: the cilantro, carrot, pickles and Sriracha perfectly complimented the Italian meatballs that were seared to perfection. The balance of Sriracha was perfect and didn’t overpower the other flavors with too much spice.

The next sandwich I tried was equally delicious: the cheesesteak. This sandwich melted in my mouth. The flavors of the fresh, thinly sliced steak went perfectly with the peppers, onions and mushrooms. As I bit into the soft hoagie roll with a crisp outer crust, the flavor of steak was incredibly rich. All these delicious ingredients are piled onto the same scratch made bun as the Banh Mi. All of the herbs they put in these delicious sandwiches are grown at the butchery, which adds to the flavor.

The final item I had was a mouth watering burger called the Pigwich. This burger has to be one of the best in KC. The smoked pork patty, local BBQ sauce and homemade slaw had a flavor combination like nothing I’ve ever had before. All of their meat comes from the local farms and is completely fresh. With each sandwich I indulged in their addictive, golden brown homemade potato chips. Made fresh every day, these chips are a popular attraction of the food truck.

Overall, Pigwich was amazing, and the prices weren’t bad with their $9 combo meal that includes chips and a drink with your sandwich. The food was absolutely mind blowing with great flavors and fresh ingredients. The service wasn’t that great, because as a food truck they didn’t have a whole lot of staff checking on people. The rustic design of the truck and butchery is stunning, with an outdoor patio a deck at the window of the truck. The indoor part of the restaurant is lined with any kind of meat you can imagine. What really ties this place together though is the quality and freshness of their ingredients, which makes their food so delicious.