I don’t get enough sleep, and it’s my fault

I always complain about being tired and I can only blame myself.


by Meghan Baker, Photographer

One thing I constantly hear STA students complaining about is how tired they are all time. I have to admit, that I am also one of those complainers and I am fully aware that it is my own fault.

Everyday when I get home from school I convince myself that I have worked extremely hard in school that day and deserve at least a one hour break to watch Netflix and scroll through my phone. After every episode I tell myself that I’ll just watch one more and suddenly it’s eight o’clock and I haven’t started doing my homework or done anything else besides laying in my bed and eating.

I always attempt to blame my teachers and their “insane hours” of homework for my lack of sleep, but my exhaustion is obviously a product of my procrastination. If I were to get home and immediately start and finish my homework I would get into bed earlier and have the same amount of time to watch as much Netflix and do as much Instagram scrolling as I want, all while most likely falling asleep earlier.

I honestly believe that if I never downloaded Netflix, Instagram and Snapchat I wouldn’t be as tired as I am everyday during school. Since I don’t see myself giving any of those things up, the only solution I can think of is to power down my phone and my laptop for a few hours after school and as hard as it may be, it would help me avoid staying up until two in the morning finishing the homework I was fully capable of doing hours earlier.