New eight week conditioning program

The STA athletic department brings in Steve Redmond as the new strength and conditioning coach.


Coach Steve Redmond, far right, leads the girls in the 8-week conditioning program in stretches between each workout. photo by Anna Louise Sih

by Natalie Telep and Anna Louise Sih

story by Natalie Telep

Running a mile, as well as three extra laps around the track in the same day, might not be everyone’s idea of a preferred after school activity, but for a select few, it is the perfect opportunity to get in shape. An eight week strength and conditioning program has been implemented at STA by the athletic department, as of Sept. 7. New strength and conditioning coach Steve Redmond has stepped in to run the program.

“I’m seven years into strength and conditioning coaching, and I’m loving every minute of it,” Redmond said.

According to Redmond, he has moved into running [his] own athletic performance program outside of Mizzou.

“I started my strength and conditioning training in 2009 at the University of Missouri, training all athletes, from football players, softball players, basketball, I mean you name it, I’ve worked with them,” Redmond said.

According to Redmond, the program is not only for off season athletes. Anyone who wants to get in shape can join.

“I’m training the off season athletes,” Redmond said. “I have soccer players, basketball players, lacrosse players and there are a few individuals who come to the program that just want to be in shape.”

Sophomore Lily Altenhofen is participating in this program in order “to get in shape for soccer.”

“[Coach Redmond] is mainly focusing on our legs, I think,” Altenhofen said. “The first week we did push ups, and we used weights to do squats.”

The eight week program costs $40, according to an email sent school wide by assistant varsity volleyball coach Amanda Hanneman.

“I think it’s to help cover the cost of myself, as well as teachers, you know little things to that effect,” Redmond said.

The school wide email inviting students to join the program states that workouts will be held both indoors and outdoors. Redmond met with a couple athletic department coordinators and discussed their plans for the program.

“I sat down and talked with the athletic director and Coach Hanneman, and we just decided that we wanted to have a consistent program that helps our athletes get stronger, get faster and get more explosive,” says Redmond.

Redmond is very enthusiastic about the value of movement and agility.

“I’m a big fan on the baseline of being able to move well, be strong, and from there working on mechanics, form and technique that will allow us to continue to grow and see progress,” says Redmond.

photos by Anna Louise Sih

For those who are unable to participate in the conditioning program, Coach Redmond has suggested three exercises that target the upper body, core, and lower body, respectively: push ups, plank holds and squats

“Pushups is one thing that I see that goes largely neglected, or more or less people don’t know how to do correctly, but if there’s a way for individuals to learn that, if they’re not coming to the program that’s something they can do on a daily basis,” Redmond said.

The strength and conditioning program is an opportunity for all student-athletes to get in shape, and will provide students the strength they need in the upcoming winter sports season.