Not just farmland

An ode to Kansas City, my home.


by Catherine Ebbitts, Social Media Editor

Kansas City is my hometown, and for some reason it is commonly misunderstood. When outsiders think of Kansas City, they often think of it as farm land. It’s a sad reality, but those who know its worth undoubtedly know about its broad selection of amenities to offer. This column shall embody an ode to a remarkable city.

When I grow older, and I think back on where my “after school hangout is”, I most certainly will say the Country Club Plaza. From middle school to high school, the plaza has been the place I spend most of my free time. Its retail is plenty, and the restaurants never fail to amaze. My friends and I know the waiters and waitresses at Brio Tuscan Grille by name. The Country Club Plaza has something for all ages at anytime of the year and leaves a lasting impression on all of its visitors.

When I first heard of Park Place, I thought it was a literal park. I dressed in comfortable shoes, athletic shorts and was ready for a day of active movement. If you ever decide to go to Park Place, do not make this mistake. Park Place is an outdoor village of shops, restaurants, hotels, and a seasonal skating rink/lounging grass pad. It is probably one of the most photographable places in KC. Living in midtown, I travel out to south to Park Place occasionally to soak up a new vibe of homey village feel. Walking around Park Place is one of the ultimate “KC musts” for a newcomer or native.

Not far from the Plaza, is Westport. Westport is the upbeat urban chunk of KC. My family and I like to call it the “Santa Monica” of Kansas City. If you find yourself scrolling through your mobile phone, glazing at the trendy ventures people in populated cities are doing, you can most likely find similar destinations in the Westport area. I know for me personally finding one of this infamous LA Acai Bowls was a goal of mine, and to my amazement I found a place called Ruby Jean Juicery that sells them. Westport is your one stop shop for everything on the urban spectrum and a personal favorite.

While KC may seem off the grid and completely boring to outsiders, those who know its true worth find it to be a hidden gem. I encourage you to find the true worth of Kansas City in your own lives, because, trust me, you will never want to leave.