What the trees gave me

Much like the tree in “The Giving Tree,” our campus trees give us much more than just oxygen.


by Maddy Medina, Print Editor of Photography

One summer day, four sisters discovered a tree all by itself. The tree had been lonely for years and was very excited to finally have visitors. She straightened up her trunk and greeted the girls. The girls smiled at the tree and decided they would try to visit the tree every day. The girls climbed the tree’s branches and pretended to be forest queens. Then they asked the tree for a place to hide from the heat of the sun and the tree said, “Come, sit and rest in my shade.” So the girls sat in the cool shade and rested their backs against the tree’s trunk. And the tree was happy.

Fall came and the tree’s leaves became beautiful vibrant reds and oranges. The girls visited the tree and asked her to play a game with them. The tree let her leaves fall, saying, “Take my leaves and jump into them.” So the girls pushed the leaves into one big pile and proceeded to jump into the pile and laugh. And the tree was happy.

Winter came and the tree’s branches became heavy with snow. The sisters put on their coats and scarves and trudged through the snow to their friend, the tree. They told the tree they wanted to celebrate the season and so the tree said, “Decorate my branches; all my leaves are gone.” So the girls hung colorful ornaments and twinkling lights on the tree’s branches. And the tree was happy.

The weather became warmer and along came spring. The tree waited excitedly for her friends to visit and when they arrived, the tree noticed that the girls were not happy. The tree asked the four of them, “Why are you so sad?” With tears in their eyes, they said they were moving many miles away from the tree, but they did not want to leave her; they wished their time with the tree had been longer. So the tree grew bright pink flowers and told them, “Spring is my favorite season because it serves as a reminder that each day we start anew. You are each a beautiful flower and I feel blessed to have watched you blossom both individually and as sisters. I will miss all of you, but I am excited that you have the opportunity to begin again. I have offered you all I can give you, it is your turn to take the lead and share your own gifts. Pluck one of my flowers and take it with you so that you will always have a piece of me and when you look at it, remember how you have grown and remember that the only things consistent in life are change and your home in me.” With tears streaming down their cheeks, the sisters smiled and hugged the tree. And the tree was happy.