Almost Southern: is it too late now to say sorry?

Okay, let’s try this again, freshmen.


by Meredith Mulhern, Staff Writer

Alright, I understand that I may have screwed up this past week with my column about freshmen.

Okay, I really screwed up.

So, to anyone who was offended by that column, I sincerely apologize. I did not mean to generalize the freshman class, and I certainly didn’t mean that you guys are bad kids. I know you’re probably thinking that I totally sound like I meant all of that in my writing, but my editors and fellow Dart staffers can attest that the column was meant to help and not to hurt.

The message that I was trying to get across is to always be respectful, mature and a good example. All STA girls should embody those qualities, not just freshmen. It just takes some time to get the hang of it.

I didn’t mean that all freshmen are immature or disrespectful. Everyone can work on being more mature and respectful, even me — especially to you guys.

And finally, if you still have a problem with me or my writing, confront me directly. Be mature, have a face-to-face conversation. Do not talk to anyone else besides me. Like I stated above, be respectful.

To wrap this all up, I do apologize that my message was not portrayed in the most informative and kindest way possible. Thanks for understanding, let me know if you have any concerns.

Finally, I hope everyone has a wonderful service week, and I hope that the freshmen and sophomores have a nice break from the upperclassmen.

P.S. – I’m sorry that the underclassmen don’t get donuts this week #:(