The One Where I Convince You To Watch “Friends”

The popular sitcom “Friends”, which originally aired in the ‘90s and early 2000s, transcends generations and appeals to a wide audience.


by Chloe Denk, Web Editor

“The one where…”

Each episode title of the sitcom, “Friends,” begins in the same way: It represents more than what is immediately obvious.

The show centers around a group of six best friends, trying to make their way as young people in New York City. The 10 seasons display the group going through relationships, jobs, roommate changes, and all of the troubles that making their way in the Big Apple brings. There isn’t anything particularly special about any of the people; they don’t possess superpowers or have incredible jobs. This mundanity is what makes the show so extraordinary. 

“Friends” allows viewers to watch people who are like them, and do the things they do. It isn’t an unattainable lifestyle (although we all know there’s no way Monica could afford that apartment), but rather ordinary people stumbling through life just like the rest of us.

I first started watching “Friends” last fall, having heard about it, but never watching it from beginning to end. I quickly fell in love with the comedy and the lovable cast, but was also amazed by the appeal that it had to everyone in my household. Often, my parents would watch it with me if they saw I was playing an episode. Although they had seen it countless times, they still laughed at the jokes and were engaged with the plot. My parents and I often have different interests, but the show appealed to all of us.

“Friends” has also taught me a lot through the interactions between the characters. They may argue, tease each other and even be petty at times, but at the end of the day they are each others’ biggest supporters. This says a lot about loyalty and sticking by those you love even when there are disagreements. 

There are countless times of big change in all of the characters’ lives, but they maintain one constant through it all: each other. “Friends” undoubtedly revolves around sticking together in the face of difficulties, and giving or receiving a laugh when the going gets tough. 

Most of all, it’s about how the relationships we develop and the people we choose to support us affect our lives. The characters don’t always get along with their parents or siblings, but they have created a different kind of family not limited by DNA. To repeat the intro song, they are always ready to “be there for” each other through everything life throws at them. Simply put, it’s about friends.

To return back to the episode titles, each episode is “one where” ordinary events occur, but in comical and relatable ways that allow the audience to feel connected to the show and characters. I hope this episode of your life is The One Where You Go Watch “Friends.”