My Daily Escape

Movies have been around for several years being awarded for the cinematography or plot, but to me there is so much more to a good movie.


by Lina Kilgore, News and Sports Editor

Movies were first introduced in 1895 and ever since, they have evolved with the times. They stay relevant with every new invention, showing that there is no rival even close to the power of a good movie. I can testify firsthand to this statement. Whenever I have a sliver of free time, my mind starts to shuffle the infinite amount of movies on my must-watch list in order to decide which world I want to escape to at that moment.

My love of movies didn’t start until later in life, specifically when COVID-19 hit. With nothing to do but stay at home and hope for things to get better, a form of escape was necessary. With every new movie I watched, a never-before-seen world was exposed to me at the touch of a button. This is what first drew me towards movies: the pure magic of them. With only an ounce of effort, I could travel to a place thousands of miles away. Without a second thought, I could find myself going on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Without even realizing, I could escape, and find comfort in a world that could never truly be mine. 

To me, the true beauty of movies has always been the uniqueness each one offers. One moment a character could be fighting an alien enemy and the next,  walking down the roads of Tuscany. Considering this, when it comes to picking a favorite movie, I stray away from the overall plot of a movie but instead the feeling and message it leaves me with. In my opinion, the best movies are the ones that leave viewers with a lingering outlook or insight on life. Some of my all-time favorite movies include this irreplaceable factor. “The Way Way Back ” is a perfect example of a movie that encapsulates this feeling. It is directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash and follows the coming-of-age story of an awkward boy who goes to his mother’s insecure boyfriend’s beach house for the summer. Everything in this movie, from the breathtaking cinematography to the unforgettable quotes, leaves viewers with a feeling that cannot be put into words, yet  loudly.

Overall, movies have been a constant companion for many over the years for various reasons, but to me the main one has always been the sheer power of escape, promise, and feeling they offer.  Films can turn a single day into an unforgettable adventure through worlds never before imagined. Movies allow a bad day to end with the hopeful feeling that maybe everything will be okay. Most importantly, the stories allow a seemingly closed door to open up to reveal an extensive collection of infinite possibilities.