Almost Southern: your new Netflix watch list

If you need a show to watch on Netflix, here are a few of my favorites.

Almost Southern: your new Netflix watch list

by Meredith Mulhern, Staff Writer

So earlier this week, I finished season four of New Girl, which is about a kind of awkward woman named Jess who lives with four men. Anyway, I really don’t know what to do with my life right now. So, in order to prevent this feeling of emptiness for you guys, I am compiling a list of the best Netflix shows to binge on.

  • Grey’s Anatomy – This is a cinematic masterpiece. I believe I have a very personal connection with the main character, Meredith, because my name is Meredith and I want to be a doctor. It’s about the doctors who work at Grey-Sloane Memorial Hospital in Seattle, Washington. This show is filled with drama, medical knowledge and anomalies and attractive men (Jackson Avery, McDreamy, McSteamy, Alex Karev, the list goes on and on). I have watched all the seasons on Netflix and I am patiently waiting for season twelve to end so they can put it on Netflix soon. However, a negative aspect of this show is that people tend to die a lot. The amount of tears I have shed over Grey’s characters is ridiculous. For example, when a certain main character died last season, I collapsed on my staircase and cried for half an hour. Well, more like sobbed, but whatever.
  • Gossip Girl – I’m a little late hopping on the bandwagon for this one. I finished this series over Christmas break, and let me tell you, this is an iconic show. I mean, who doesn’t love a show completely dedicated to the unrealistic drama of kids from the Upper East Side in New York City? We all remember the finale of season three where Chuck is waiting for Blair on top of the Empire State Building and Dorota has her baby. Simply iconic. Also, watching these extremely wealthy people do dumb things just makes you want to do the same. Do Dan, Nate, Serena, and Blair even go to college after the first few episodes of season three? Not really. It’s just all so glamorous and addicting and the fashion is incredible. Also, let’s not forget the series finale. That was freaking insane. If you’ve watched the show, you know what I’m talking about.
  • New Girl – This is hands down the funniest show I have seen. I recently watched an episode where Jess thinks she has a bag of methamphetamine hidden in her closet, and things get interesting. New Girl is hilarious, entertaining, and also has iconic episodes like Gossip Girl. Also, if you watch New Girl, wait until the season four finale. That’s about as iconic as iconic episodes of TV shows get.
  • Parks and Recreation – Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. If you enjoy a hyperactive, spastic politician making sometimes weird and questionable decisions, this show is for you. Parks and Rec is about the local government of Pawnee, Ind. and the people who run it. It may sound boring, but it definitely is not. Also, Ron Swanson is perhaps the greatest person to ever (kind of) exist. This show is clever, hilarious, and keeps you watching till the very end. Definitely watch it. Go watch it, now.
  • American Horror Story – I’m not gonna lie, I’ve lost a lot of sleep over this show. If you ever want to get severe anxiety, then go ahead and watch this show. That’s what happened to me. The nice thing about AHS is that each season is a different plot line with different characters. Season one, also known as Murder House, was extremely disturbing. I didn’t sleep after I watched some of those episodes. Season two, or Asylum, was just plain disturbing. Season three, or Coven, wasn’t scary to me. It was more of just a drama. Season four, or Freak Show, was just plain weird but not too scary. The season that’s actually on air right now, which is season five and takes place in a hotel, is more just screwed up than it is disturbing or scary. Either way, if you get scared or disturbed easily, I’m not sure you should watch this. Give it a try, though. If it scares you it will make for a good story later.
  • Bob’s Burgers – I take back what I said before. Leslie Knope is not my spirit animal, Louise Belcher is. It’s about a family who owns a local burger shop. If you want quality comedy and entertainment, watch this show. You may think it’s kind of childish or stupid, but to me, it’s the greatest thing ever. The story lines are unique and always hilarious, and the episodes are short so you can watch twenty of them in a row. Also, let’s not forget the classic Tina Belcher, also known as the most awkward character on television.
  • PsychPsych is actually the first show I binge-watched, and will always be one of my favorites. It’s about two “detectives” named Shawn and Gus, and Shawn is a “psychic”. He’s actually just really intuitive, but the Santa Barbara Police Department doesn’t know that. Gus and Shawn get into a lot of weird situations and cases, which always make for funny shows. My personal favorite is called “Heeeeere’s Lassie!” It’s based on The Shining and is actually kind of creepy, but give it a watch anyway.

I have just given you the holy grail of Netflix television shows. If we have a snow day soon (please Jesus), you now have plenty of material to binge on. Watch responsibly, kids.