“Fakestagrams” trend at STA

Some students at STA are participating in having a fake Instagram in order to post different pictures than they would normally post on their main accounts.

Graphic by Hannah Bredar

Graphic by Hannah Bredar

by Katherine Green

Instagram started to trend a few years ago, according to junior Mary Campbell. However, a new type of Instagram is trending among STA students. “Fakestagrams” are becoming more common within the upperclassmen at St. Teresa’s.

“[My friends and I] wanted a way to post ugly pictures of each other and of ourselves without everyone else seeing,” senior Sam Smith said. “So we made fake accounts and basically just followed each other.”

These types of Instagram accounts are different from other kinds of “fake” Instagrams. Although some Fakestagrams are anonymous and made to target or bully people, this type of account is used to post “ugly selfies,” according to Smith.

“I don’t want my fake posts to show up on [my friends’] real [Instagram] feeds,” Smith said.

Most students with these fake accounts create random usernames or ones making fun of themselves or random names, according to junior Mary Campbell.

“I pretty much post pictures that make me laugh,” Campbell said. “Either [I post] really awkward and ugly pictures of myself or just weird and quirky things I find in my everyday life.”

Most Fakestagram accounts are private, according to Smith, so that other people without Fakestagrams do not see the pictures girls post on their fake accounts.

However, the trend has died down. According to Smith, “it’s hard to go between a real Instagram and a fake Instagram.”