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Athletes of the issue: Connor sisters

by Libby Hyde

Freshman Mary Clare Conner and her sister senior Kathleen Conner placed second in tennis districts for doubles together. During an interview, Mary Clare talked about the team dynamic between her and Kathleen.


“I play best at doubles when I am around my sister because she is positive and I’m not nervous around her when I play,” Mary Clare said. “We compliment each other because she has a good forehand, and I have a better backhand, so it works out perfectly.”


According to Kathleen, their dad coached and played with them since they were 5 years old. They are both really familiar with the way the other plays and know each other’s strengths.


“In the summer every Sunday, we would always do family tennis in the afternoons,” Kathleen said. “[my dad] always talks us through the game and tells us what we can improve on.”


“I was really surprised when I got on the varsity team because I was just planning on getting on JV because I have been playing my whole life but I have never been that serious,” Mary Clare said. “I usually just played with my dad and sisters, but it was really exciting to be on my sister’s team for her senior year.”


Though it was their first year playing together as a doubles team, they only lost one match during the actual season, not including tournaments.


“If I were to give advice to my sister, I would tell her to always have fun with it and have great sportsmanship because that’s what makes the game fun,” Kathleen said. “If you have good sportsmanship, you get to have fun with the game and get to know your opponent on the other side of the net.”


Mary Clare enjoyed spending time with her sister and being able to compete on a more serious level than she had previously.


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