A preview of fall sports

Fall sports have officially begun. Coaches and student athletes alike share their expectations and goals for the season.


According to head softball coach Tyler Abney, there will be seven new freshman, one new sophomore, and two returning juniors joining the softball program.

Senior Martina Florido tells about her expectations for the season, especially concerning new freshmen. “This softball season is different mostly because it is my senior year but also because we have been moved to a new district, which will provide a new challenge for the team,” Florido says. Additionally, Florido says “the new freshmen have added a lot of new talent to the team and will provide us with a needed boost that will help the team for the next couple of years.”

Cross country

The STA cross country team has been training all summer, running distances up to nine miles in preparation for the regular season, according to sophomore Cece Curran.

“We’re doing a lot better than we were last year,” says sophomore Alex Dalecky. “I heard a lot of girls say that we want to get our whole team to State.”

Varsity Districts will be held on October 22, a Saturday.


The STA golf team started practice on the first of August, sometimes golfing practice rounds, or going to a driving range, according to sophomore Brie Arello.

“I think that we have a pretty good chance of going to State. I for sure hope we go to Districts and Sectionals…We have a good start so far,” says Arello.

“I’m excited to be part of the team,” says varsity freshman Mary Massman. In addition to high hopes for Districts, the team has a new coach, Martha Linscott.


The volleyball team hopes to continue their success from last year.

“The team is totally different” because six varsity seniors graduated last year, Assistant Coach Amanda Hanneman says. “The chemistry and growing together will be pivotal for this year…we really have to focus on the little things.” “The team has a chance to make it back to State this year,” Hanneman says.

“Our confidence is definitely higher than last year, and it’s something that we want so bad.” “I expect great things,” says Hanneman.


Last year, the tennis team finished off the season with a 10-4 win to loss ratio.

“Practices are really good. We’re all bonding,” says varsity tennis freshman Thais Montagner.
“I hope that we win State, or at least we get to go to State. That’d be great,” says Montagner.

Dance- The STA Dance Team performs regularly throughout the school year. They often dance during basketball halftime or school pep rallies, according to freshman Annie Riffel.

Riffel and fellow freshmen Carley Donnelly, Sadie Shugart, Maggie Thompson and Emily Lanning all agree that the goal for the dance squad “is to become closer as a team and really bond with each other throughout the year.”

All five freshmen say they love their coaches and “they make us work really hard and they have high expectations for us.”