Freshman Maggie Fielder takes the court

Freshman Maggie Fielder swept the ladder this season, assuming the #1 position. on the varsity tennis team.

by Katie Donnellan and Anna Hafner

Freshman Maggie Fielder holds the top spot on the St. Teresa’s varsity tennis team. According to junior Mary Claire Conner, playing with Fielder for doubles is fun because she is consistent and nice. Fielder has a way of winning the point even when her partner messed up.

The Dart: When and how did you start playing tennis?
Fielder: “I started playing when I was four years old. My mom wanted me to learn how to play and I liked it because it was fun. I play tennis at Blue Hills Country Club and participate in USTA tournaments throughout the year.”

D: Why did you decide to play tennis at STA?
F: “When I was younger I played a lot of sports. I realized I liked tennis more so I decided to focus on it.”

D: How does high school tennis compare to club tennis?
F: “High school tennis is definitely less intense because you have a team cheering you on instead of it just being you by yourself.”

D: What is it like to be the top tennis player as a freshman?
F: “At first I was really confused with the whole high school tennis system. I was pretty thrown into it because I was the top player. Other than that it’s been very fun and challenging and I’ve gotten used to it.”

D: What are your plans for tennis in the future? Do you plan to play in college?
F: “I would like to continue playing tennis in college but in a less serious way. I want to play on a club team where I can still play the sport and enjoy it, but it not be super serious.”

D: What is your favorite part about the sport?
F: “I really like how unique the sport is.  You play as an individual but then you can be put on and play as a team like I am right now for high school. Tennis isn’t extremely common and I like that.”

D: Do you have any superstitions or good luck rituals before each match?
F: “All I do is wear my hair in a braid during each match.”

D: How has tennis impacted your life?
F: “Tennis has not only been a huge part of my life because I play everyday, but it also has helped me meet so many new people that have become some of my best friends.”