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Star Spirit

They’ve got spirit! All about STA’s most energetic club.
2023 Spirit Club officers, from left to right, Lauren Sweeny, Olivia Oades, Sara Gibson, Gabi Vovk, Anne Rinella.

Every school has a spirit club, but at St. Teresa’s Academy, it’s a whole new ball game.

Senior Anne Rinella took on the role of club treasurer this year.

The job of a student in Spirit Club is to “go to all of the mandatory games, dress the theme, and cheer for STA,” Rinella said.

Senior Sara Gibson is the 2023 Spirit Club president.

“I basically just oversee everything, but all of the officers work together so it truly is just a big group effort,” Gibson said.

For students who consider joining Spirit Club, the audition process is (like the club) something you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, Spirit Club is the only club at STA that students must audition to get into, and can be cut from.

“I made a day in the life video… and it was just silly and fun,” Rinella said.

Spirit Club adds something unique to STA, and helps define other schools’ views of our student body.

“Spirit Club hypes up the school and adds a lot of charm and character to our school, and we’re so funny,” Rinella said, “When we pull up to people’s schools in our crazy outfits and we look ridiculous, people just know that those STA girls are funny and that they don’t care what other people think.”

At some schools, dressing up could be considered strange. At STA, however, it’s the norm.

“I think the fact that we come up with really creative themes, and get so into them is very different,” Rinella said, “I would venture to say that at some schools people would feel too insecure to wear a full-body morph suit or something like that but at STA you go crazy and it’s fun. Your sisters are there to support you no matter what.”

STA alum Camille Goodwin (2018) was in Spirit Club during all four years of her high school career.

“It was really a community, and when we would make pep rally videos or plan for theme days it was always such a fun time and a great bonding experience with so many awesome girls,” Goodwin said.

One thing Spirit Club values above all else is inclusivity.

“I think it just gets everyone included, and you don’t have to be ‘part of it’ to be a part of it,” Gibson said.

Past and current members of Spirit Club agree you will come out of it having gained something, whether it be community, confidence or new friendships.

“I used to be really shy and not very outgoing, but spirit club really broke me out of my shell,” Gibson said, “I started going to games and I made a bunch of friends with older girls who I’m still friends with to this day.”

School spirit is a big part of what makes STA such a unique school to attend, and Spirit Club is one reason STA has such zealous students.

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