MaryMichael Hough
Reporting live from St. Teresa’s Academy, I’m MaryMichael Hough. I am a senior and managing editor of copy for the Dart. In my free time, I enjoy harmonizing with my dad, eating hotdogs, yelling and being mischievous with my soulmate, Gary. When not hanging around Mrs. Drummond talking about Lifetime movies, I can most likely be found sneaking testers to the chubby kids at Costco, photoshopping myself into pictures of the royal family or Googling who I have to marry in order to become a Kennedy. I’d like to think of myself as pretty outgoing and am always willing to have a conversation about my infatuation with Jimmy Fallon or my nude suit. My life goals include convincing my mom to buy 2% milk, perfecting my “independent woman jams” playlist on Spotify and being on the Today show (duh). This year, I am obviously excited about making the Dart awesome, but I’m also just really looking for love.

MaryMichael Hough, Managing Editor of Copy

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