Clare Kenney

Clare Kenney, Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Clare Kenney, and I am a senior and a second year staff member. Many people have often described me as the most intimidating person they will ever meet! Many of my accomplishments outside of the publication room include locating the 3.5 pound bag of Sour Patch Kids that my mom hid from me, finishing the 3.5 pound bag of Sour Patch Kids all by myself, and convincing my mom that I do not have an addiction to Sour Patch Kids. If you can’t find me in the publication room during newspaper, then make a trip down to the development office where you will find Katherine Green and I stuffing our skirts with free candy. Outside of school, you can find me gasping for air on Ward Parkway during long run days for cross country (please refrain yourself from asking if I am all right - believe me, 3 cars ahead of you have already asked, and I am fine), hanging with my cute dog Finnegan or hanging with friends. Oh, and I am a page designer for the Dart. Yay!

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