STA parking lot etiquette

Students need to learn the proper etiquette in the parking lot to make leaving the parking lot a smooth process.


by Clare Kenney, Staff Writer

It’s a Friday afternoon and I’m excited to get home and start the weekend. I back out of my parking spot and pull through the parking lot and sit and wait for one nice person to let me in. I sit there for about two to three minutes before someone finally lets me in. I watched car by car drive by not letting anyone pass and I know they saw me, because how could you miss a big blue minivan with its nose sticking out to try and get in the flow of traffic and leave the parking lot? So, STA drivers, please read the following parking lot etiquette and abide by it. It is time to learn to be a courteous driver.


  1. Let at least one person in if at all possible. If you are coming from the farthest side of the sophomore lot (closest to Main Street), you should let at least two people in. You do not need to stop to let each car in, but let one in and then keep going and let another in and then you can be on your merry way. It honestly isn’t hard and doesn’t take that much time.
  2. When someone lets you in, give them a little wave to show your appreciation. There is nothing worse than letting two different cars in without a little wave to say thanks. Just a tiny wave– again, not that difficult.
  3. Don’t speed through the parking lot. It is dangerous and it doesn’t make you look cool. I understand it is the end of the day and you want to get home, but be courteous of the people near you and drive appropriately.
  4. When you see someone that has been trying to back up for a while, let them out because it is annoying to have to wait for the parking lot to clear out just to back out. Backing out can be difficult in a parking lot filled with cars, so give them the proper room and give them a little wave to let them know they can safely backup.