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Star Spotlight: College Counselors

What brought you to STA?

Mr. Smith: I had worked in college admissions just about my entire professional life. Since graduating, I realized what I liked to do most in admissions was working with students. I saw the opening at STA and I applied. I also have some friends who are STA alumnae, so I kind of knew the quality of the school and it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Mrs. Hudson: I’ve been here twice. My first time here was in the fall of 1990. After working in college admissions, my husband and I moved to Kansas City, so it seemed like a natural transition to make. I stayed for 12 years and then went back to college admissions. I then went to Rockhurst for a couple of years. I finally ended up back at STA.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Mr. Smith: I really like to cook, I cook dinner just about every night for my wife and I. Outside of that, watching and playing sports and walking my dog, Buddy.

Ms. Hudson: I have a new granddaughter, so that is definitely my main thing. I also love to travel, cook and walk the dog.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Mr. Smith: It’s working with students. Getting tossed into the mix in August, the seniors have a lot of their college search process done by that point, so getting started with a clean slate with the junior class will be really exciting. Being able to meet and be a resource for people during a very stressful time in their lives is important.

Mrs. Hudson: Every day is different. Every class is different. Even with all the challenges of the past couple years, the college admissions process is always changing. There’s always something to learn and I love to learn about new schools with all the girls along the way.

What do you find to be the most difficult part of your job?

Mr. Smith: Every student has different things that they are looking for and that are important to them and different schools they are super interested in. As much as I would love to help with all of it, I can’t know everything about all the schools. So trying to research and learn the processes of different schools. Also trying to see if a student is truly interested in a school or if there are outside pressures pushing them in certain directions.

Ms. Hudson: All the change. Everything from the growth of test optional, selectivity, even Supreme Court decisions. Technology, though I love it, can really complicate things. Although the change can be really exciting and is sometimes my favorite part, it can really complicate things.

What advice do you always give to students?

Mr. Smith: Be really intentional. Obviously, what you want to study is very important, but you also have to keep in mind it’s where you are going to be living for four+ years. Take some things you might not be thinking about into consideration. If you aren’t happy in your personal life on campuses than it will be a lot harder to succeed in the classroom.

Ms. Hudson: Be open. Don’t assume that the school that fit an older sister or parent is what’s going to fit you. There are thousands of schools out there and you have an opportunity to venture and learn and learn responsibility. Also, it’s going to take time. It is a process and you have to trust the process.

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Katelyn Buckley, Opinion Editor
Hello! My name is Katelyn Buckley and I am a senior! I am super excited to be on staff this year! I love to walk my dog Nunzio and watch movies. I also love to cook and bake with my sister in my free time (I make the best bread). I am so excited to be able to spend my last year at St. Teresa’s with this staff! Happy reading!!

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