OBX Overview

Season three of Outer Banks has finally arrived. As an Outer Banks enthusiast, I am here to offer you an honest assessment.

by Ellie McManamy, Social Media Team

   After two years of waiting, “Outer Banks” fans like myself have finally gotten their wish: season three has arrived! Ever since quarantine, “OBX” has been one of the few TV series to keep me entertained. There are numerous reasons as to why it became so highly favored. 

   The show follows the life of John B., an adventurous 17-year-old on a quest to hunt for the treasure linked to his father’s disappearance. His friends Pope, Kiara, JJ and Sarah all tag along and it becomes an exciting and extremely chaotic journey. Full of conflict and plot twists, “Outer Banks’ is the perfect show to watch when you’re in need of some excitement.

   Part of the reason I like it so much is because of the characters. Each one has such a distinct personality, so you are bound to encounter one you relate to. I was most excited to watch season three to see what happens amongst them, and ultimately get more opportunities to connect with each character through the storyline. 

   This season changed my outlook on many of the characters- most dramatically toward John B. As soon as Big John, John B’s father, re enters his life, he starts to display more negative characteristics. He grows distant from the Pogues, and becomes engrossed in his father’s unending search for tangible reward. His care for his friends shifts toward his father understandably, considering he has not seen him for a year. But, I think John B begins to possess some ignorance toward the people who really do care for him. 

   As for the other characters, I was pleasantly surprised. I am all for JJ and Kiara. Their new fling offers a fun element to the plot and shifts the focus away from just this whole treasure hunt ordeal, which I really liked. And even more- Pope! Pope is my favorite character. He is smart, emotionally intelligent and caring, and that is all very apparent throughout this season. When he goes out of his way to find his family’s cross and takes Cleo into his own home so that she has a place to stay, it shows how kindhearted he is. I also liked that we saw a somewhat different side to him this season: rebellion. His quitting school and wanting revenge was a fun shift from the regular goodie-two-shoes. 

   While almost all of the characters left me content, the plot did not do so as much. Don’t get me wrong- it was extremely clever. I liked the new implementation of Carlos Singh and his quest for treasure. However, I believe that the plot could have had more depth. I feel as though the central idea of the show completely overshadowed multiple opportunities for even more character development. For example, after almost every Pogue scene, one with Big John forcing John B to look for clues followed. I don’t know about you, but at some point I would like that to stop being the only aspect of the show. It feels like the writers are almost running out of reasons to keep the plot going, so they just keep throwing in conflict after conflict. That’s why I was so thrilled to see that Pope, JJ, and Kiara had their moments. While they were short, they were impactful. 

    One central theme I love about this show is the constant familyhood. It has been present in every single season thus far, and I don’t see that aspect coming to a close. I love how despite whatever hardship the Pogues are facing, they support each other and remain together. They overcome any difficulty, and that shows a lot. “Outer Banks” does a great job of exemplifying this theme without making it too corny; every connection between the characters is believable and admirable. 

 All things considered, I am never fully let down by this show. Although the plot can seem repetitive because it is a continuous dispute, and John B and his father aggravated me, I did really enjoy this season. It will always be one of my favorite shows, and an instant mood booster. I would rate this season ⅘ stars. I definitely recommend watching “Outer Banks” if you are on the edge; It is sure to keep you entertained. Now, onto season four!