My Music Taste Will Always Be Superior

I have listened to a myriad of different playlists made by other people, and they have helped me to see that no one can top my music taste.


by Lily Sage, Opinion Editor

 One of my most prized possessions is the pair of AirPods that live rent-free in my backpack. I can be seen putting these earphones in during any free time I have, getting ready to slip into my own world of incredible music. Speaking of incredible music, let’s get one thing straight — my music taste is and always will be superior to anyone else’s. It’s completely useless to even try to argue with me, because I will never back down from this fact. 

You might be asking yourself, “Does this teenage girl really have the credentials to make such a claim?” Well, I would tell you that music has always been extremely important to me. When I was little, I would always have my mom turn on the radio to see if I could guess the name of the song playing and the person singing it. Eventually, I was able to name almost all of the songs on the radio. Even now, when I hear a song from my childhood, it evokes a memory of my mom and I in the car blasting music. “Umbrella” by Rhianna is a song that comes to mind when I remember these specific moments. This love that I have had for music installed a desire in me to become a musician in any possible way. I took piano lessons for years, took guitar lessons for one year and joined the ukulele club at my middle school. I eventually decided that my participation in music would begin and end at listening and singing along. I hope all of this answers your question, and if it doesn’t then let me make it extremely clear, I have the credentials to make this claim. 

Now I’m not saying that your music taste is bad — I’m sure it’s great — I’m just saying mine is better. I say this because almost any song that I listen to has the ability to evoke some kind of emotion out of me or bring back a lost memory. When a song has the ability to do such a thing to a person, I consider it a masterpiece; I consider every playlist of mine to be a masterpiece, and I have a playlist for almost any emotion that a person could possibly feel. If you’re sad, I’ve got you covered. Feeling like the main character, I’ve got you covered. In love, I’ve got you covered. If you are still not convinced that my music taste is the best, just keep on reading.

“Fine Line” by Harry Styles. I listen to this song when I am fighting anxiety or stress because of the massive “we’ll be alright” that Harry sings with every fiber of his being. This song helps me feel less alone and remember that everything will turn out fine. 

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears. This is one of my dad’s favorite songs — one of mine as well — so I basically grew up listening to it. It always brings me such a warm and fuzzy feeling in my chest that I adore. This song takes me back to a memory of my family and I driving around Kansas City late at night and being happy and thankful for each other.

“The Night We Met” by Lord Huron. You cannot tell me you have not cried to this song before — I refuse to believe it. The first 30 seconds is the most heartbreaking intro to a song I have ever heard. “The Night We Met” is the first song on my sad playlist that I listen to when I am in need of a good cry sesh. 

 “Treacherous” by Taylor Swift. If I ever had to decide on my number one favorite song, this would be it. I can’t even explain why; it has always been my favorite Taylor Swift song and it just gives me incredibly good vibes. While the lyrics themselves are kind of depressing, the beat compliments them and the overall song so well. It’s such a soothing song and it helps me feel at ease. “Treacherous” is from Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album “Red”, which happens to be my favorite album of the singer’s (the re-recording of “Red” comes out Nov. 12 just so you all know). 

I hope that you finally agree that my music taste is immaculate, but if you are still skeptical follow me on Apple Music (I know, it’s not Spotify) at Lillian Sage. There you will see that these are just a few of hundreds of songs that I consider to be masterpieces. Now if you will excuse me, I will be putting my AirPods in so that I may slip back into my own world of incredible music.