One Final Goodbye

As I leave St. Teresa’s and move on to college, I’m giving one final goodbye to the people who raised me, my parents.


by Sydney Allen, Photo Editor

Parental Units,

What a time it has been for us! It has been 18 entire years of raising me and now I’m going to college as if no time has passed at all. It feels like only yesterday I wandered away from you at a barbeque full of thousands of people, and you somehow got me back without a scratch on me. Those were exciting times: me being a toddler. Now, I’m here to tell you that as your youngest child, it’s not only time for me to move on from the nest, but you as well. 

You two won’t have anyone home with you anymore! No kids to take care of and feed, only the dogs to keep you company. It’s not something to be sad about, it means that you did good. I mean, I’m still here so you did something right. You raised three kids that all went to college and were only slightly greedy and stuck up. 

Okay, I’ll at least try and be somewhat sentimental; you really did a great job raising me. I’m only slightly messed up but that’s natural for our family. You’ve always been there for me and steered me in the right direction. You two have given me everything I need to be a successful, and somewhat functioning, adult. 

Through the mess that has been my life growing up (throwback to eighth grade), you both have managed to be amazing. I know as the youngest it sucks to see me leave and go to college as the, as you would put it, “last bird leaving the nest.” 

It’s hard to put into words how grateful I really am for you. As I’m writing this, you two amazing parents are in Las Vegas having a jolly good time. You being there has made me realize that I, too, can leave my teenagers alone when I’m grown and go take a mini vacation. I’m not dissing you, believe me. You really needed this. We all needed a bit of time away from each other and the dogs. 

Like you always tell me, I’m kind of the perfect blend of both of you. I have most of mom’s personality, and dad’s looks with a hint of Ingalsbe (mom’s side of course) in there. I don’t really see the similarities between us — considering I have blonde hair and blue eyes unlike the rest of the family. Maybe you found the wrong kid at the barbeque and called it good? Kidding (mostly). 

To be honest, I know you two will miss me. You claim you’re excited for an empty house, but no parent is ever really ready for their kid to go to college. You’ve watched me grow and go through some really hard times, and still I’ve come out of them as a stronger person. It’s hard to let that person go. You raised me, you made me who I am. Everything that you have done has been because of me and my siblings. 

We couldn’t really ask for better parents. You’ve only ever wanted what is best for us, and even though we don’t always show our thanks, we owe everything to the  two of you. I owe everything to all of you — even Maggie and Ben. 

My big sister Magazine, who has gotten me through so much, and my big brother Benajalina, who has a unique way of showing his love toward me. I know I’m annoying, but my family has always been there for me. I could never ask for a better family or a better way to grow up. 

It’s hard to say goodbye after 18 years. You’re everything that I’ve ever known. Everyone always says that they’re ready to go to college. While I am ready, I’ve never heard about this part being as hard as it is. I love you two more than you could ever know, and it hurts to think about you two being here without me. It’s different with me than it was for Maggie or Ben because I’m the last one. It means that the years of driving me to soccer games, making sure I did my homework and letting me hang out with friends is over. You don’t have to parent the way you used to anymore. 

No waking up at the crack of dawn to drive me places or pick me up from a friends house. No more buying cereal to make sure I’ll have breakfast in the morning. No more making me go pick up dinner from the store. No more switching my laundry over or telling me to clean my room. No more calling my name and beckoning me to your room, and no more texts saying, “Come here” then proceeding to make me feed the dog. 

It’s all you two now. You’ve been preparing me for this greater portion of my life since I was born, except no one was preparing you for this portion of your lives. You’ve never had an empty house to yourself, yet now you will. 

I guess what I’m trying to tell you is thank you. There’s no one else I would’ve chosen to have as parents. You did everything right, and you did it good. I love you two more than anything. Thank you for all of it, it means the world. 


Your favorite child