Reality Shifting: Real or in my Head?

I think that reality shifting is a real thing, and that a lot of it is all just the mental block in your brain.


by Sydney Allen, Photo Editor

I don’t know what to tell you other than yes, I feel absolutely insane writing what I’m about to tell you. Really, you’re going to think of me completely differently after this article. I guess you could already tell by the title, but reality shifting is a very “real” thing, and I’m here to argue that. 

I am just as in awe and confused as all of you. 

Let me explain briefly: reality shifting is projecting your consciousness into a different, more desired universe (or reality) that already exists. Let’s digest that for a second; going to a different reality that already exists. You would think it’s demented at first, but the amount of people that have claimed they have shifted is a lot more than you would think. 

To talk more about other words I’ve brought up, i.e. scripting, methods, etc. Those are ways to help you shift sooner and faster. A script is essentially what will contain who you are as a person in your desired reality. If you write it down, it will happen no matter what. 

A method is different. A method is something you perform in order to shift. The most popular method so far is the Raven Method, which is laying on your back in a star position and counting to 100 until you feel dizzy, see bright lights, or hear things. You then fall asleep and wake up in your desired reality. 

My journey all started scrolling through TikTok (that’s how these crazy adventures of mine always start). Of course, I was on Harry Potter TikTok and one day a video showed up about “reality shifting.” I grew curious and searched it up. When I tell you I was hit with massive amounts of articles, stories from people who have shifted, and different methods and ways to shift yourself — I was shocked. 

“I’m crazy,” I thought to myself. “This can’t possibly be real. They’re lying.” Alas, I do not think they are. 

Is it all just hardcore dreaming? I personally don’t think shifting is just dreaming; I think it’s very real. From someone who’s opened her eyes in the middle of the night to see a ceiling that looked like it belongs in a castle, and feeling two taps on my shoulder just like I scripted would happen when I sleep in my bed alone every night, I think it is all very real. Yes, I do sound kind of senseless. Do I care at this point? Not really. Nothing surprises me that much anymore. 

In order to be precise, I searched up how many people have actually shifted on my trusty TikTok handle. So far, under the “shiftingstories” hashtag, there are just over 70 million videos. When I saved the tag a month and a half ago, there were only 15 million. 

As someone who has attempted to shift realities and not succeeded, doubt is beginning to creep in.So many people claim “It’s real, you just have to believe in yourself!” How can I trust something I’ve never seen? Apparently, that doubt I have is the first step to being successful. According to almost every person that has studied shifting or has already shifted, you need to accept that you doubt shifting in order for it to be more real.

The basics of shifting are this: you just have to believe that you can do it. You don’t need a script, which has been pressed into my brain for the past two months; you also really don’t  need a method either. So why is it that every night I’m tempted to get in that star position and count to 100 just so I can see Dean Winchester in person?

I think it’s the small sliver of hope that I could be able to live out my dream life in a different world that makes me feel like this could all be real. The small hope that I can do it, I can have everything I desire. Besides, if almost 30 million other people can, why can’t I? 

The blind promise that is shifting is very surreal to me. I enjoy the thought of daydreaming about my favorite, not-real people that mean a lot to me. And even though that love for fictional people may be rooted in my deep fear of rejection, shifting brings me just a little bit closer to them. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go touch up my script so I can give Fred Weasley a hug.