Influencer validation causes problems

Many of our favorite influencers are given the chance to promote famous brands for a certain price. Sometimes I can’t decide if they are being truthful or using it for the money.


by Lily Sage, Writer

Ah YouTube: the place of sharing and creating videos. Personally, I religiously watch very aesthetic and inspiring “lifestyle” youtubers who have many different brands who sponsor them. If it’s skincare, they will demonstrate the way you would use the product. If it’s clothing they’ll give you an in-depth haul of all the items they were sent, for free I might add. I watch these videos and hear the influencers praising the product, and how every product they endorse is their “favorite.”  Sometimes I wonder if they really like it and are frequently using it, or if they just say things for the money and the endorsement. 


According to, “influence marketing” uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers. Since the rise of social media, many influencers have had a great impact on their viewers’ spending. As influencers become more and more popular, people like me, teenage girls, feel the need to buy the same things that their favorite influencer is using. So much that certain brands pay these influencers to endorse their products and give them coupon codes to give to the viewers. I believe this makes the product faulty because who knows if they actually like it or just the benefits from the endorsement. 


These Youtube videos have migrated over to another form of social media, Tik Tok. One day I was watching Emma Chamberlain and she started to talk about this brand called “Function Of Beauty.” This is a very popular hair care brand that makes personalized shampoo and conditioner. Ever since I watched that one video, trying these shampoos and conditioners is all I have wanted to do. Seriously, ask my mom who I am constantly asking if I could try it.  


The more I watch these videos, the more I hear “not sponsored.” After they say these two words, these influencers give a true opinion about a product that they are not paid to talk positively about. I think that when influencers talk about products that are not sponsored, it is good for them and the viewer because they are given clarity about the product. 


I always wonder if influencers should really be able to endorse certain products for fear that they are only using the products for a quick two minute section of a 15 minute video and thousands of dollars. I have to keep in mind that this is how these people make their money — endorsements are what influencers need to make a living. 


 I believe that influencers should be able to have sponsorship and give a good review. My only criticism is that influencers should only take them if they actually like the brand and use it almost every day of their life, so that they don’t lead their viewers on. By giving their honest opinions about brands they like, they are more reputable. As they become more reputable, the more endorsements they will want to take on. Then we have a society where we trust the people we really want to, our favorite influencers.