Star Spotlight: Emma Marsh

Senior Emma Marsh finds the unique qualities of ice skating as a new opportunity to spend time with her friends and have fun. Marsh has been drawn to the ice since she was 4 years old and she continues to enjoy skating inside a rink.


Senior Emma Marsh smiles during her skating practice Nov. 19. Marsh practices with friends and team members five days a week after school. photo by Claudia Benge

by Becca Speier, Photo Editor and Writer

Do you ice-skate competitively? 

Yes, I do individual and synchronized skating. So I compete with an ice-skating team. 

Can you say a little more about your synchronized skating team? 

On my team, there are 15 other girls. We are the intermediate team of competitions. We go to Michigan a lot and other places like Minnesota. We just compete and have the same program every year. 

How often do you practice?

I practice five days a week right after school. Also, I practice Sunday mornings. 

Why do you ice-skate, specifically what has made you continue to practice for all these years?

I skate because I mean I just really love it. I love how I just get to be myself all the time and when I’m on the ice I feel I can just do what I want. I mean like I said, it would be hard just dropping something that I love so much and something that truly makes me, me.

Are there any special things about ice skating that has kept you dedicated to the sport?

Not really. My friends are a really big part of it for me. It wasn’t hard to make friends, and I consider them really close to me because I see them all the time. 

Are there any specific life skills or lessons that ice skating has taught you?

I think skating has taught me many life lessons just over the years. I mean first off that it’s ok to not be the best but as long as you enjoy what you’re doing that’s all that matters. Also, I think I just learned how close your friends are to you from skating. I mean I am very close with my friends and just from skating those connections are so strong.

Are there a lot of small technical details when ice skating?

Some small things are the placement of my head and placement of arms. For example, if you’re skating with a team you obviously have to be synchronized. So making sure the skater’s heads are inline. The smaller things make it come out in the end. 

Have you ever thought about quitting?

Yes, two years ago I was just not feeling the love for it. I switched up my coaching and stuff, and that changed a lot for me. I just took a little break…and then I got back into it. 

Do you have a good support system when it comes to skating?

Yes, my parents are really supportive. Especially my grandma — she is my biggest support. 

How is your grandma the biggest supporter of your skating, can you elaborate on this?

My grandma has always supported me through my skating career. She has been a big role model also in my skating. Just from coming to all my competitions and taking me to the rink every day she truly has been there with me through it all. She also has taught me many things along with my skating that are important to me.

What is the music like when ice skating?

Personally, I do more like upbeat songs not really slow, sad songs. Music with words makes it fun for me. Other skaters do slow, sad songs. 

What is the hardest move when skating on the ice?

For me, it would be jumping. I am not a big fan of jumps and it makes it harder because I’m really tall too, so it makes it hard to get up into the air. 

Have you mastered it?

I’ve mastered a couple of jumps, but it is something you need to keep working at.

How long does the preparation before you skate take? (hair, makeup, costume etc.)

 We have about two hours to get ready because everyone has to do each other’s hair and makeup. So one person will do all the makeup and the other will do all the hair. 

What is the most fun aspect of ice skating that you do?

I would have to say just doing all the cool moves that skaters get to do. It’s really fun perfecting them and getting really good at them because it feels like a big accomplishment.