Izzy Knows Best: How to fashionably transition from winter to spring

My advice on how to dress in between winter and spring.


Pictured is Hailey Baldwin wearing a slip dress with a jean jacket layered on top.

by Isabel Shorter, Staff Writer

Despite what the groundhog said, I think most of us are ready for winter to be over. Sadly, it’s not over yet, but we are in that awkward season that I believe exists in between winter and spring. This season is where for roughly four weeks, the temperature in Kansas City fluctuates between a rigid 19 degrees to a toasty 65 degrees every week. During this season, it’s not easy to find what to wear. It can be tempting to just pack up those winter clothes that you swear you won’t be missing and break out the summer clothes, but it’s not quite warm enough. So today, I’m going to be giving you my advice on how to transition smoothly from Winter into Spring.

The key to mastering this awkward season in terms of fashion is layering. It’s all about the layers. It’s not quite cold enough to wear long pants and a jacket, so you have to choose one. One of my personal favorite outfit comprises of shorts, a simple shirt and a winter coat. You can’t forget to layer the coats. And you can even throw on knee high socks layered under over-the-knee boots.

 Another one of my favorite ways to stay cute and warm, but not too warm, is to layer jackets or sweaters over something summery like a sun dress. My all time favorite part of spring is the sun dresses. Whether short or long, I love them all, and they are perfect to layer underneath a jean jacket or even a faux-fur coat during this season.

 Hopefully this fashion advice will help you survive these last four weeks of “winter” and make spring seem a little bit longer.


Sincerely, Isabel