Izzy Knows Best: Last-minute Halloween costume ideas

My advice on how to create the perfect Halloween costume when you’re lacking time and money.


by Isabel Shorter, Staff Writer

   Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween if I already had a costume. Creating last minute, DIY Halloween costumes is my specialty. That’s why I’m here to enlighten you with my easy and cheap costume ideas, because what’s the fun in planning ahead? I’ll be making my costume the day of.  The first step to creating this last minute costume is to decide which route, whether it’s the almost too easy route, the punny route, or the classic route, you want to take.

   For all my lazy girls out there, I have some cute but utterly effortless costume ideas for you. Gather up a robe and a pair of winter gloves, and there you have it–you’re a boxer. An even simpler idea is one that we all know too well, Risky Business. Obviously, all you need for this is one of your dad’s formal dress shirts, black sunnys and you’re set. One of my personal favorites is Cher from Clueless. All you need for this costume is a white or black sweater with a plaid skirt. Luckily I know for a fact that we all have this attire.

   Those of you who are willing to put in a little more effort for a slightly more complex and punny costume, are in for a treat (or trick lol). I have some hilarious ideas for you. My first two clever costume ideas are edible, so it’s a win-win. The first idea is smarty pants. All you need to do is tape some Smarties candies to your clothes. The other edible option is Fruit Ninja, in which all you need to do is dress in all black, tape some fruit to your clothes and if you really want to take it to the next level, carry a fake sword. And last but certainly not least is my personal favorite, Pig in a Blanket. For this costume, just make some pink ears, wrap yourself in a blanket and perfect your oinking.

   If you’re like me and prefer the classic costumes that could really scare a trick-or-treater, then I,ve got some ideas for you. I’m positive you’re familiar with these ones, but they never go out of style. The first timeless costume that we all know and love is the Witch. For this costume all you really need is a black dress, tights and a pointy hat. Only one roll of toilet paper is necessary for the making of the next costume–a mummy. Lastly, one of my favorites and most commonly used last minute costumes is the ghost. Throw on a white sheet and you’re ready to go-hst.