Outside the Tartan: Crash course in NYFW

The shows were vast, but I created a crash course dissertation for NYFW 2016.

Outside the Tartan: Crash course in NYFW

by Catherine Ebbitts, Social Media Editor

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

Boy, do we have a lot of discuss. The incredible New York Fashion Week occurred September 8th through the 15th. This is a well known, week long fashion event where legendary designers show off their latest work for Spring Season. In the fashion world, designers introduce their collections one season ahead so stylists and Fashionistas have time to choose outfits for that season. Talk about preparedness. It’s also sort of abnormal considering most individuals are in autumn mode ready to break out their uncropped jeans, leather boots and fur coats. However, this is an intriguing time to see what new styles are in store. The shows were vast, but I created a crash course dissertation for NYFW 2016.

Rihanna presented her masterpiece, Fenty X Puma, with a shopping party for her fans to enjoy. The designs illustrated a variety of “lace up” details, and her signature laid back style. She also expanded her line of mink sliders, that were hit in her prior collection.

Tommy Hilfiger revealed his spring line with a twist. The brand premiered their collaboration with supermodel Gigi Hadid, calling it Tommy X Gigi. The designs still embodied the familiar Hilfiger denim, with an edgy “Hadid” quirk. Gigi closed the show with the crowd on their feet as she strutted in her personal styled threads.

Alexander Wang aired his monotone style with a boho flair. Despite his modern B&W aesthetic that always seems to be prevalent in his collections, Wang fused his California roots for his designs. Essentially he still incorporating a modern color tone, but the style was bohemian and hippie influenced. Also, the models donned the runway in flat shoes (a rare sight at Fashion Week), that ranged from sneakers to basic flip flops. Basic indeed, but don’t be fooled, the prices suggest otherwise.

Marc Jacobs entertained his audience with an ‘80s approach. The year long ‘90s revival movement has provoked designers to channel former fashion techniques. The Marc Jacobs collection was the Beyonce in a crowd of commoners. The collection displayed mini skirts, puffy sleeves, and every color ever imagined. Not to mention, the insane 7-inch elevated platform boots. No models were harmed, thankfully.

Last but not least, Kanye West’s Yeezy sensation was the most anticipated show of the week. The big question, “How will Kanye West upstage his Madison Square Garden listening party and fashion show?” Unfortunately, most critics weren’t present to witness the debut. The show was exclusive, and all invitations were given out by Kanye himself. Some speculate he only wanted people who truly praised his designs to attend the showing. What?? Kanye West seeming egotistical you say? How unusual! If you are not in the Pablo clique, what is known is the collection exhibited Kanye’s classic street style; demonstrated through bomber jackets and ripped sweatshirts.

What we can take away from NYFW is the motto, “less is more.” As our world becomes virtually simpler and relatively straightforward, we can expect the same from fashion. However, we must also aspire to be a Marc Jacobs; to defy the odds and never cease to amaze.