Almost Southern, Jr.: Introduction

Welcome to my blog!


Me and Meredith dancing at the STA father daughter dance.

by Katie Mulhern , Writer

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Mulhern and I will be writing this lovely blog called Almost Southern Jr. If you’re wondering where I got the name, it’s from my older sister Meredith. She had a blog pretty similar to this one when she went to STA, hers was Almost Southern. (I recommend looking her up, very funny stuff.) Meredith’s now in college, and I’m not gonna lie I miss her. So for my first blog I’m gonna start by telling you guys some funny stories about us.

The year was 2006, and I, as a kindergartener, was in my prime. I was an energetic little kid who loved to play, until I made the mistake of playing with Meredith. Long story short she kicked me off the bed while I was in mid jump and broke my arm. It only got better when the people at the hospital thought my parents broke it.. 10/10.

Meredith’s abuse towards me only got worse with age. In the span of a week I was stabbed in the stomach with a fork, leaving four little holes on my abdomen and hit in the face with a bottle of nail polish. The nail polish doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but I bruise easily and we had to go out that night so my sister decided it best to make me not tell anyone she caused the bright purple bruise on my chin.

Our relationship isn’t always that painful. We have a fab dog named Sam who we bond over. We take him on walks together and play with him. Sam is a special dog. He doesn’t really do all that great with, well, anything, but especially other dogs. When we walk him through the park and another dog walks by, we take advantage of his allergies by touching his back which sends him to a furious fit of scratching that leaves him laying on the ground. Our laughing at him almost made us fall to the ground as well.

All in all, I miss her a bunch and really look up to her. That’s why I’m making the blog name connected to her and why these past three paragraphs have just been me reminiscing about the good ole’ days. I promise I’ll have funnier and more interesting content in the future, because honestly my life is a mess. So get ready ladies.