The KC Current

Despite the KC Current’s very recent founding, they have greatly affected both the Kansas City community and women’s soccer as a whole.


by Lina Kilgore, News and Sports Editor

In December of 2020 a long-needed and much-awaited addition was made to the Kansas City Area: the founding of the Kansas City’s women’s professional team, formally known as the KC Current. Since its 2020 debut, the KC Current has not shied away from making its presence felt on the local sports scene as well as in women’s soccer as a whole. From turning an overall losing season into an on-going 10-game winning streak, to having the first-ever Women’s soccer stadium built for their play, KC Current has had a full schedule in its mere two years of existence. 

To truly understand the excitement that flooded Kansas City in 2020 when KC Current’s debut went public, it is important to note the previous professional women’s soccer history in the area. From 2012-2017, FC Kansas City was the professional women’s soccer team that had some notable successes. They were one of the eight founding clubs when the league first began and would go on to be NWSL champions in 2014 and 2015, but did not receive very much recognition. STA English teacher Katie Dolan, reflects on FC Kansas City’s five-season reign. 

“I remember going to a few games out at Swope Park, but I don’t know if it was me, I just wasn’t as interested or if they also weren’t as public or visible, ” Dolan said. “I think it might have been a little bit of both.”

Junior Hailey Scheuer also remembers the old women’s team in Kansas City, but more recently she remembers its abrupt ending.

“After FCKC left, I was really sad because I loved going to the games with my friends and just the environment was really fun,” Scheuer said. “But it was great to hear that a women’s team was coming back to represent Kansas City.”

Considering the deep love the community had for FCKC, the news that a bigger and better funded team was coming from Utah was much welcomed news. Dolan remembers first hearing about the arrival of KC Current.

I was so excited,” Dolan said. “I couldn’t believe how quickly it happened.”

The excitement of KC Current flooded the area; however, as with all beginnings, there are obstacles to overcome. The first season in 2020-21, the team finished with a record of 3-7-14. This means they only won three games and in return, lost 14 games total. However in their second year of existence, with some changes in coaches and strategy, they currently have a record of 8-5-4. Now with eight wins, only four losses and an ongoing winning streak, their trouble-filled season is now only a faint whisper in the passing wind. Dolan reflects on the rapid transformation of the team from consistently losing, to continuously winning.

“I understand that reorganization and rebuilding [of the team] takes time,” Dolan said. “It was disappointing that last season, they did show so poorly, but I hate to say it’s to be expected. I just didn’t realize the turnaround would happen as quickly as it did.”

Along with the quick two-season turnaround that results in them being ranked third in the league, the KC Current is bringing even more attention to their newly-founded team. Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that the first ever women’s home stadium, that will not be shared with a men’s team, will be built in downtown Kansas City, specifically for the KC Current. The construction has already begun and plans to be finished by the 2024 season. Scheur expresses her impression of the recently announced stadium plans.

“It’s a really big step for women’s soccer and just soccer in general  for the Kansas City area,” Scheuer said. “It just shows the Kansas City soccer culture, especially the focus on women’s soccer and how much it’s evolving and the importance of providing a space specifically for their development.”

Perhaps even more exciting, on Aug. 19, the team broke the attendance record for the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) with a reported 10,000 fans coming to support the team of teal. Dolan found that the advancements and successes recently made by the KC Current convey an even greater message.

“It’s sending men the message that women deserve this, we’re going to fight for it and we’re not going to give up,” Dolan said. 

The team’s season progresses with their next home game on Sunday against the Portland Thorns.