Katherine Green
Hello there! My name is Katherine Green and this is my third year on staff. In the publication room you’ll either find me writing and bothering my dear neighbor without distinction, designing a page while listening to music or copy editing the news pages. Outside of newspaper, believe it or not, I do have other hobbies. I enjoy petting dogs, going on secret missions with Clare Kenney to the Development Office to snag some candy, listening to music on the highest possible volume and all in all being pretty obnoxious. I am currently surviving my senior year by avoiding homework at all costs, sleeping for more than the recommended 8 hours, binge-watching Netflix and hanging out with friends (a.k.a. my dogs). I am super pumped about all the great things that are going to come from Dart this year, and all you readers out there should be, too! Over and out.

Katherine Green, Copy Editor of News

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