New kilt to be passed around senior class

After the original traveling skirt was misplaced, a senior offered a new one to be used.


Senior Rita Vittori poses in the new kilt. photo by Anna Hafner

by Katherine Green and Anna Hafner

While sorting through clothes at their service agency, Seton Center, STA alumna Haley Sirokman, who was a senior at the time, pulled a long kilt-like STA skirt out of the donation bag.

“We immediately decided we needed to buy it and save it for a rainy day,” senior Rita Vittori said.

Current seniors Audrey Carroll and Vittori, who also volunteered at Seton Center with Sirokman, decided to keep the kilt, just in case. The kilt cost about 50 cents, according to Vittori.

As a tradition at STA, seniors pass around a long kilt from advisory to advisory. The kilt started out in the Prentiss advisory this year and progressed throughout the first floor of the M&A building. However, the kilt, a long version of the STA school uniform, got lost early on in the 2015-2016 school year.

According to senior class moderator Sarah Stranz, the tradition of wearing the kilt preceded her time as a teacher at STA.

“The passing around works some years better than others,” Stranz said. “It doesn’t always happen smoothly or get to every student.”

Around late September, senior class president Kat Mediavilla addressed the whereabouts of the kilt in an email sent to the 2016 class.

“There seems to be a slight confusion as to the whereabouts of the Kilt at the moment,” Mediavilla’s email stated. “If anyone has it/knows where it is please contact me so we can get things back on track.”

The senior’s Facebook page, created as a means of communication within the whole grade, had posts about the missing kilt, also.

“I actually had offered the kilt when the first Facebook message requesting a search for the old one had gone out,” Vittori said. “I think my comment just got lost in the crowd. When the people were still discussing finding it Audrey Carroll went ahead and voiced that I still had it available.”

On Feb. 24, Carroll posted in the STA senior’s Facebook page offering the new kilt to to be used for the remainder of the year.

“I feel bad that we have a new one, but it needed to be done in order to carry on the tradition,” Mediavilla said.

The senior class plans to continue the tradition by passing the kilt once again from advisory to advisory. The kilt started in Blake’s advisory since that is Vittori’s advisory. At first the kilt had a smaller waist than the previous skirt so Vittori made adjustments to make it suitable for more girls.

“The morning before I handed the kilt in I added some buttons, granted they don’t match the kilt, Vittori said. “It was originally really small. But we all come in different shapes and sizes so I figured every girl deserves a chance to wear the kilt. I hope it will work out for everybody.”

Seniors have continued to pass the kilt on since Vittori brought it to school.

“I’m just glad that the tradition can start up again and hope that the old kilt will eventually resurface,” Vittori said.