Helen Wheatley
Aloha reader! Where have you been all my life? My name’s Helen, but I’m usually referred to as ‘the wheat’ in some sort of patronizing tone. As a junior working as Opinion Editor, I tend to be overly enthusiastic about sounding well-versed and analyzing humanity. Being an avid reader of the news, I’ve always loved to stay informed on current events, so journalism was a natural fit for me. I get to dabble in a little bit of everything, but my passion lies in pursuing and writing news and opinion pieces. I’ve developed an appreciation for and learned how to cultivate the written word thanks to many inspiring teachers and various discoveries of my own.

I’m a total romantic and love to daydream about my future, or the forty years ago during which I lived a completely different existence. Catch me jamming out to Led Zep, reading up on the trials and tribulations of Darcy and Elizabeth, watching Breaking Bad, or suffocating my cat with love.

Helen Wheatley, Copy Editor of Opinion

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