Pop Culture Podcast: Suicide Squad

This month’s installment of Pop Culture Happy Hour delves into the workings of the anti-hero action flick Suicide Squad.


illustration by Ellie Grever

by Helen Wheatley, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to our STA pop culture podcast , a new podcast where the Dart discusses the most buzzed about events of the month. On this month’s installment, we break down the action-packed comic book movie Suicide Squad. The third installment of the DC Extended Universe boasts an all-star cast of super villains who are recruited by a secret government agency to save the world from a powerful threat during the third world war.

Listen in on senior Emma Gustavson and freshman Georgia Gordon-Mills discuss the Joker, Harley Quinn, the morality of the super villains and the addition of the old-world Enchantress as the ultimate antagonist.