Teachers should refrain from assigning homework over break

Teachers need to allow students time to spend with their families and rest over the holidays by not assigning homework.


by Meg Thompson, Staff Photographer

I happen to remember one spring break in which I spent the majority of my time writing a research paper, when I should have been enjoying time away from school with my family. I sat in our condominium, looking longingly at the white, sandy, Floridian beach my family was out enjoying. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why am I working on homework during this so-called ‘break’?”

As Thanksgiving break approaches, I look forward to a bit of downtime. Recalling past experiences such as this one, however, I shudder at the thought of teachers giving homework over break. Holidays are intended to be spent with family, which is why we have time off school. Homework should not interrupt those precious moments. Thanksgiving, especially, is a time to step away from the routine chaos and express gratitude for all the blessings in life.

Although I am thankful for my education, doing homework over break is not how I like to be thankful for it, and I imagine most students would be in agreement in that regard. I have heard teachers argue in the past, “In college, they assign homework over break all the time!”While this is true, it’s not fitting for high school teachers to do the same. College students don’t spend seven to eight hours in class five days a week. Their schedules are less structured, and they are allowed more freedom to spend their time as they please. I am not discrediting the rigor of college. Having four older siblings, I have seen how hectic college can be.

However, students in high school need more of a break from the repetitive classroom scene. It’s easy to feel stressed at a wonderful school that challenges us to this extent. There’s no doubt in my mind that at some point, every student feels overwhelmed. So teachers, allow students a chance to take a breath and maximize the amount of time spent with family this Thanksgiving. I assure you they will be grateful. With all this in mind, I wish everyone a blessed holiday, hopefully free of homework.