Mckenzie Heffron

Mckenzie Heffron, Writer

Hey! I’m Mckenzie Heffron, sophomore staff writer for the Dart. I love to talk, but I’m always willing to listen to whoever needs to vent. On campus, you can find me chatting with friends, officiating Astronomy Club or saying “Hola Senora!” every time I walk into Spanish. Off campus, I’m either working, watching my favorite soccer (*football*) team Tottenham Hotspur, or looking for something to photograph. Some other tidbits: I’m an impulsive dieter (I’ve been gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, etc.), I have a fear of locusts, my music taste is pretty wild and I have a stellar British accent. This year I have a blog on DNO! It’s called The Heart of Kansas City, so make sure to check it out as I photograph everyday people that make our city special. Bye!  

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