Cultural dances performed for Hispanic Heritage Month

Students came to the auditorium to learn about and watch cultural dances from Spanish-speaking countries.


Performers of a traditional Peruvian dance exit the stage Sept 14. The dance is supposed to imitate an anaconda. photo by Mckenzie Heffron

by Mckenzie Heffron, Writer

The Spanish department brought in dancers to perform for students to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the auditorium Friday Sept. 14. The program included dances from Peru, Argentina and Colombia. Students were able to watch the dances during either activity.

The first group, Contigo Peru, performed a dance imitating the anaconda, traditionally used by the Shipibo people of the Amazon as a way to respect the anaconda. The dance used various props and elaborate costumes to convey the movement of the snake.

Dancing couple Kirill and Sophia Miniaev performed the tango, a dance originating in Argentina. The tango is improvisational, and uses the beat of the music to influence the steps.

Representing Colombia, the group Quimbaya performed La Pollera Colorada, a dance known as a cumbia. The dance is renowned as one of the best representations of Colombian culture. This dance stood out to sophomore Lauren Boxx because of its beauty.

“It was probably the most authentic, the most cultured,” Boxx said.

The presentation was finished with a karaoke sing-a-long to the song “Enamorate” by Dvicio.