Varsity dance team performs at halftime of Rockhurst game

The dance team performed at halftime of Rockhurst High School’s annual Braveheart game.


Senior Grace Coleman (left) and sophomore Samantha Amey (right) prepare to take the field Aug. 31. The team danced to a mashup of popular songs. photo by Mckenzie Heffron.

by Mckenzie Heffron, Staff Writer


Varsity Dance team performed during halftime of the Rockhurst High School football game Aug. 31. This was the team’s second performance of the year. Sophomore Maya Cochran expressed how she deals with her nerves prior to dancing. 

“I just keep it all in!” Cochran said.

This was also the last Braveheart halftime performance for seniors Sophia Shugart, Grace Coleman, Caroline Armstrong, Olivia Thomas and Grace Armstrong. Cochran describes the rush of presenting the biggest routine of their season.

“In front of a lot of people, biggest game, you know, it’s kind of exciting,” Cochran said.

Cochran also planned an event after the performance that was, in her words, influenced entirely by the dance team.

“We’re all going to hold up signs and we’re all going to ask my homecoming date to Teresian in front of the whole [crowd,]” Cochran explained.

Her date did say yes, despite Cochran’s fear of the outcome of the grand gesture. She knew the dance team would have her back despite his response. 

“It’s not as intimidating, and I know that if something goes wrong, they’ll all laugh about it with me,” Cochran said with a smile.