Athlete of the Issue; Lydia Solis

Sophomore Lydia Solis takes on the challenge of being the pitcher for STA’s JV and varsity softball teams.


by Caroline Hinkebein, Sports Editor

Sophomore Lydia Solis is the pitcher for both the JV and varsity softball team this year, despite having no prior experience playing this position. Solis has played softball for 10 years now and her typical position is first base. But when the STA softball team had no pitcher for this year, she stepped up to the plate. To prepare for this position, she’s been going to pitching lessons once a week, listening to her coach’s advice and figuring out what she needs personally to be prepared for games. Solis felt good after the softball team’s first five games the weekend of August 28 and 29. “The first two were pretty hard; we played some good schools and then Saturday we won two of our three games and that was nice; they were good,” Solis said. “It’s kind of intimidating but I just know my team has my back.”