Endorsing Hillary Clinton

With weeks to go before the next president of the United States is elected, Hillary Clinton continuously proves to be the most qualified candidate.

by Editorial Board

As a lengthy and onerous election season comes to a close, almost all sides of the two major-party candidates have been revealed. Through analyzing the policy, command, temperament and discipline of these two people, the contrariety could not be more obvious. One candidate is fit for presidency. The other is not.

Because of the years she has dedicated to working for change, in the form of Secretary of State, First Lady, New York Senate, practicing lawyer, law professor and activist, the experience Hillary Clinton has gained through the years leaves no other person more qualified for the job.

Ever since Donald Trump announced his running for presidency in June of 2015, the world has seen a blunt man, highly extroverted but minimally open and agreeable, put on a show. This show is similar to that of the reality show he hosted, The Apprentice, where everything is fueled by an underlying anger. He’s convincing people that they should all be scared, whether it’s about illegal immigrants or national security, he has forced these “fans” to believe that he is the only answer to make them and their country “great again.” However, does he really know what he’s talking about? The United States has never elected a president without government or military experience. Trump has neither of these. He would be coming into office as “a 70-year old rookie,” as The Atlantic puts it.

Instead of focusing on the fear of the past, America should be focusing on the opportunity and optimism of the future, which is Hillary Clinton’s mindset. She has concrete ideas for building a better world, which she has proved countless times in her political history. She received health insurance for 8 million children and she negotiated the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in 2012, 24 hours after arriving in the region where rockets were raining down, but that’s just to name a couple of examples. She’s coming up with real plans on how to build a more uniting country, such as boosting economic growth by giving tax cuts to the middle class and small businesses, establishing an infrastructure bank and funding more scientific research. Whereas Trump offers vague plans of making “the U.S. military so strong no one else will mess with us” and building a wall that Mexico will somehow pay for. The worst part of this is that Trump not only lacks plans, but he lacks the will to come up with them, knowing he can talk his way out of anyone’s inquiries.

Although Clinton’s diction seems sometimes stylized and controlled, someone with the nuclear codes shouldn’t be an impulsive leader, making decisions on a whim. They should be someone that doesn’t leave anything up to chance.

STA is a school based on the optimism of a bright future for young women. Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president because she is a woman. Hillary Clinton should be president because she has gone beyond the normal requirements previous presidents have fulfilled and continues to prove that she is the most qualified. As young women, we should feel inspired that a person, let alone a woman, has given so much to our society, oftentimes unnoticed, for the hope of making this world a little bit of a better place.

Our country has come too far to turn back on all the progress we have made thus far. There are two options American citizens are faced with. On the one hand there is a billionaire, real estate mogul who was once a reality TV star. On the other there is a government official who is also a practicing lawyer and activist. The choice could not be more obvious.