Christina Kirk
Hi! I’m Christina Kirk (I’ve never seen Star Trek, and I won’t get your joke, but, yes “beam me up”), I’m a junior, and this is my first year on staff. I do page design, but you can also find me on my blog “CK in K.C.”

To achieve that “well-rounded” aesthetic that I’ve heard so many colleges admire and cherish, I’ve joined multiple extracurriculars including Future Business Leaders of America, Girl Scouts, and Filmmaking Club. Despite my seemingly unenthusiastic tone about these activities, I really do enjoy participating in them, and appreciate the skills they’ve given me.

When I’m not consumed by the harrowing abyss that is academics and my future, you can catch me reading, drawing, (badly) singing showtunes, or being salty about annoying internet posts and political candidates. The emoticon that describes me best would probably be this guy ;(. You can tell that he’s trying his best, and I really relate to that.
Anyway, I truly am very excited about working on The Dart. This newspaper is a great vessel through which I can share my talents and contribute to this school. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll catch ya later.

Christina Kirk, Page Designer

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