Rebel attends “School Girls” play

The Rebel club went to see “School Girls, or the African Mean Girls” play March 12.


Rebel members wait for the play to begin at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre March 12. Students were accompanied by diversity and inclusion coordinator Brianna Walker, librarian Carrie Jacquin and fine arts Shana Prentiss. photo courtesy of Brianna Walker.

by Faith Andrews-O'Neal, Opinion Editor

Members of STA’s Rebel club went to see “School Girls; or, the African Mean Girls Play”, on the Kansas City Repertory Theatre’s Copaken Stage March 12.

The play is described by the Kansas City Repertory Theatre as “a loving exploration of the real lives of young African women trying to negotiate the confusion of Western beauty ideals.”

For Junior Lauren Fallis, the way the play handled serious issues in an entertaining manner made it enjoyable.

“I was surprised by how funny it was,” Fallis said. “I wasn’t expecting comedy when it was dealing with colorism and other issues, like bullying.”

Along with STA students, students from different schools in the Kansas City Public School District also attended the play.