Theater department holds auditions for “Letters to Sala”

Auditions for the play “Letters to Sala” were held after school Nov. 29 and Nov. 30.


Sophomores Lia Uhlenhuth and Arwen Dickson practice lines together Nov. 29. Auditions were held after school Nov. 29. photo by Aspen Cherrito

by Aspen Cherrito, Multimedia Editor

Auditions for the play “Letters to Sala” were held after school Nov. 29 and Nov. 30. Various students and area high school boys auditioned with different monologues and dialogues.

The show runs Wednesday, Feb. 13th through Saturday, Feb. 16th. Performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will be over around 9:30 p.m.

This was sophomore Arwen Dickson’s first year trying out for the school play due to being in Bonnie and Clyde at Rockhurst last year.

“I have been involved in STA theatre since I came here,” Dickson said. “It’s been something I have always wanted to do and the school gives me a great opportunity to do it.”

The complete cast list is below.

ANN Polly Johnson
CAROLINE Darcie Hingula
ELIZABETH Nicole Ficklin
SALA GARNCARZ Kylie Schuster
YOUNG SALA Lauren Daugherty
CHANA Sophia Trozzolo
RAIZEL Mia McManamy
BLIMA Arwen Dickson
ALA Elie Roddy
BELA Rachel Robinson
SARA Lia Uhlenhuth
FRYMKA Ava Larson
ROZIA Aria Utt
LUCIA Ally Terry
ELFRIEDE Kendall Lanier
LAYA DINA Aspen Cherrito
ZUSI Elizabeth Parra
GUCIA Grace Patenaude
RACHEL Gracie Swanson
CHAIM Brendan Kiefer
HERBERT Leo Gajewski
HARRY Cole Prentiss
SIDNEY Andrew Vance
Marisa Araujo
Bella Avery
Ellie Bolch
Josie Fox
Lilly Frisch
Eli Kelly
Jannely Montagner
Savannah Nixon
Kelsey Raymer
Madison Smith