The Women’s Circle of Giving welcomes committee to a new year of giving

Nan Bone kicks off the fall meeting of the Women’s Circle Giving committee for a new year of supporting the STA community.


Nan Bone welcomes the Women’s Circle of Giving committee to their lunch meeting Oct. 25.

by Claire Smith , Writer

The Women’s Circle of Giving, WCG, met for their annual fall meeting in the Windmoor Center on Wednesday. The WCG was established 10 years ago by STA president Nan Bone to give teachers an opportunity to apply for grant money to fund projects that are outside of the given budget. In the spring of 2018, the WCG granted over $16,000 to support the faculty, student requests and the STA community.

Director of parent and community outreach Barbra Cusick helps Bone facilitate the committee’s process. She explains that once a teacher has presented an idea for a grant, the committee of women gets to vote on that idea.

“Everyone has five votes and all the grant options are up there, one through 20, and they put their stickers on where they want to vote, and then we tally up and whoever has the most votes wins,” Cusick said. “So it’s really super fun and we get a lot of interaction.”

Women throughout the STA community gather to vote on these topics.

“It’s a great way for past parents to connect to St. Teresa’s, it’s a great way for current parents to learn a little more about the teachers who are teaching their girls, and then it’s just fun opportunities,” Cusick said. “So some people knew our alumni, some are past parents, and some are just friends of the school.”