STA students participate in debate tournament at St. Pius

Eleven teams from STA participated in the October debate at St. Pius X High School.


A group of students discuss before their first round of debate Oct. 17. photo by Carmon Baker

by Carmon Baker, Writer

The debate team participated in a parliamentary debate at St. Pius X High School Wednesday, Oct. 17. Students competed in partners and 11 teams from STA participated in the debate.

Two rounds were held and the debate was “metaphorical.” The students were given a metaphor and had to connect their chosen topics of debate to it. Since the debate was held in October, both metaphors were related to Halloween. The metaphor for the first round was “This house would rather trick than treat” and for the second round was “This house would whistle past graveyards.”

The students were given 15 minutes to prepare before each round.