French exchange students say their goodbyes

The school received nine French exchange students from April 23 to May 3. The students were from the school’s sister-school, St. Joseph’s, in Le Puy En Velay, France.


French exchange students pose with school administrators on steps of Donnelly Hall. Row one French exchange student Marie Tempere, Celestine Rey, Emma Alcouffe, Anne-lise Bouard and Clothilde Petit. Row two French exchange student Klara Grangette, Manon Jarque, Capucine Rayn and Coline Schmitt. Row three principal for Academic Affairs Barbara McCormick, France chaperone and French teacher Martine Wendzinski and president Nan Bone. photo by Trang Nguyen

by Torri Henry, Writer

The school welcomed nine French exchange students from April 23 to May 3. The students were from the school’s sister-school, St. Joseph’s, in Le Puy En Velay, France.  The 13 and 14 year old girls were selected through an extensive application and interview process to learn more about their sister school, STA.

The girls attended classes with their hosts and occasionally on their own schedules to explore other electives. The nine French students and their hosts visited multiple places throughout their stay within the Kansas City area such as: the Nelson Atkins Art Museum, Rozelle Court, World War I Museum, Avila University and Jerusalem Farm.

French exchange student Marie Tempere, hosted by sophomore Amy Schaffer, exclaims her experience in the United States was new. Tempere wants to return to the school to see Schaffer again.

“I want to [return] to see my second family (Schaffer) because we created bonds,” Tempere said. “I love the USA and [I want to come back] to know [about] the culture and the country,” Tempere said.

French exchange student Celestine Rey had come to the United States for a learning, culture-enhancing experience.

“I wanted to come to STA to meet new people, make progress in English and see how the classes are in America,” Rey said.

Another French exchange student Klara Grangette claims she loved the bond the girls had at the school.

“In yard day, I discovered what really is the STA SISTERHOOD,” Grangette said. “I hope I can come back to STA soon. That was the best experience of my life.”

The school plans to send girls to Le Puy in France next year to learn more about the school’s sister-school.