Seniors finish off their high school theater career with Performing Arts Banquet

The theater department held a banquet to honor the choir and theater programs.


Students pose for a picture outside the M&A Building steps at the Performing Arts Banquet ceremony April 30. The students received a variety of rewards for participating in the choir and theater programs. photo courtesy of Jane Mulvihill Jones

by Anna Ronan, Writer

The school’s Performing Arts Banquet took place April 30. It honored this year’s theater and choir seasons and gave awards to outstanding students.

The banquet was held to give out awards, induct new members into the International Thespian Society and induct the new leaders of the Drama Club.

Drama teacher Shana Prentiss and Choir coordinator Steve Perry handed out awards and recognized students for their involvement in choir, the metro area choir, statewide choir, the school’s theater, and Rockhurst High School theater.

Senior Courtney Talken has been a part of the choir and theater programs for all four years.

“I was in the musical all four years at the school, helped with tech for several other productions and did productions with outside theater companies,” Talken said.

These productions earned her the highest award in the International Thespian Society, the National Honor Thespian title.

The 2018-2019 theater season was supposed to be announced at the banquet, but Prentiss was not allowed to announce it because she did not have the rights to the music for the musical yet. Prentiss is planning to announce the season by the end of this week.

The banquet was the last school theater event that graduating seniors took part in.

“Obviously I’m sad that it’s ending because I’m going to miss this community more than anything, but I also couldn’t imagine a better year to go out on,” Talken said, “It’s honestly been a dream.”